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Hi! I'm Sarah Steele

I am an Accredited Breakup and Divorce Coach trained by the Globally renowned Sara Davison, founder of the International Divorce Society.


After leaving a long career in the NHS as a Senior nurse, coaching to support people seemed a natural progression. Having coached many clients through breakup and divorce, it became clear to me that very little specialist support was available for those struggling to navigate the emotional and legal process. This inspired me to further my training, to become a specialist Breakup and Divorce Coach.


The decision to breakup or divorce, is emotionally led and these emotions can impact the effectiveness of the decisions you make both financially and legally. If you are derailed by your emotions in these processes, the consequences can be very costly and also increase any conflict between you and your ex.


Imagine having someone to listen to you without judgement, giving you the strategies to manage your emotions, feel calm , enabling you to respond rather that react. Imagine being able to make informed confident decisions. Imagine how it would feel to feel in control.

I am committed and passionate about supporting and guiding you through the process of breakup or divorce using my knowledge, tools and strategies, helping you to stay calm, cope, survive and thrive through your journey.


I believe no one need do this alone.


My coaching revolves around working with you to:

  • Take responsibility and make confident informed decisions.

  • Gain clarity and feel more in control.

  • Manage and control your emotions.

  • Gain confidence to move forward with your life positively .


I am here to help you to:

  • Cope emotionally during the initial stages of heartbreak from your breakup.

  • How to feel calm and in control.

  • Get clarity and take control during the divorce process.

  • To communicate effectively.

  • Prepare emotionally to attend mediation or court.

  • Accompany you when you attend solicitors meetings.

  • Deal with any conflict that you may experience with your ex.

  • How to deal with high conflict and controlling behaviour from your ex.

  • How to tell your children.

  • Guide you through the Divorce process , with confidence, control and dignity.

  • Embrace new beginnings.

  • Find your way back to you again.

  • Dating and choosing your ideal Partner.

  • To have a life you love and deserve!

Even though I am a Breakup and Divorce Coach , I also realise that it's the last resort and I am here to help you through the confusion of making that very important decision.


Therefore, I can also help you if:

  • You are thinking of leaving your relationship but not entirely sure if that’s what you want.

  • Know you want to leave but are fearful of what your future looks like.

  • In a relationship but don’t know how to leave.

  • You feel you are stuck in your relationship, although for you it has ended.

How I will work with you:

If you live in Worcestershire or West Midlands, we can meet face to face in my clinic rooms in either Halesowen or Cutnall green. I find that video calls work better for some people with work commitments, or if you prefer to chat with me from your own home in your PJ’S. I am happy to find a time and place that suits you best. Whether you prefer mornings, evenings or Saturdays I will always do my best to

accommodate you.


Before you commit to coaching , I offer a free 20-minute call so you can tell me about your situation and ask me any questions about how I will help you. This is a chance for you to see if you feel I am the right coach for you.


Please book now if that sounds right for you.


The sooner we start working together the better you will start to feel.

Coaching with me is designed to gently help you navigate your emotions and overcome any challenges that you may meet along the way.

Every client I see has a completely different story and set of circumstances, therefore my 1:1 coaching is unique to you. After hearing your story, I will assess your situation and offer advice, tools and strategies to help you move forward with calmness, clarity, control , a positive focus and confidence.

Working with me will help you move beyond the emotional roller-coaster , helping you to feel better and start looking towards new bright beginnings.


The initial session is 1.5 hours. This session is longer than the subsequent sessions as I really want to hear your story fully and get to know you. This will help me to see how I can support you and what tools and strategies to start with, to help you feel better.

You will leave the first session feeling more in control and knowing you don’t have to do this alone.


Follow up sessions are booked individually and are 1 hour long.

Quite Simply;

Break Up And Divorce Coach
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